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Sharp Rocks At The Bottom

Our first trip to Haiti was a medical vision trip. I had never been to Haiti and I knew nothing about optometry. Dr. David Bejot was our lead optometrist. He had never been to Haiti either. In fact, this was his first mission trip. Dave is an adventurist and wanted to use his gift to help people in need. I barely knew Dave, but I appreciated his spirit.

The optometry need was intense. Literally hundreds of people were waiting in line to see one of the two doctors. It was rather overwhelming. Our team was made up of six people, only two of them worked in the optometry field. They were the doctors.

Talk about unqualified help. There was me and three women. The doctors showed us how to perform visual acuity tests, how to numb people’s eyes, and how to fit the people into glasses. We were ready to rock and roll after 30 minutes of instruction. I am not sure how we pulled it off, but in four days we fit 450 people into glasses.

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