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Steve Daniels take on his DEXA trip in June

My trip to Haiti was life changing.  Spending time with the Haitians caused me to realize how blessed I really am.  It has also helped me to be a better person.  As we were driving out of Dessalines I thought to myself, how can I get upset about the petty things in my life when these men, women and children are wondering if they have enough food and water to survive.

Weeks have passed and I can honestly say that I have not been angry or upset about anything.  Whenever I start thinking about something negative, the children in Haiti keep popping into my mind.  I keep picturing the little baby boy sleeping on the concrete in the heat of the day with flies landing on him.  I pray that as time goes by, the memories of the Haitians stay clear in my mind.

Although some of the memories are a bit depressing, I have many memories that are very joyful. The happy faces of the women and children at the orphanage was priceless. The love that we were able to show them reflected back from their smiles and laughter. The Church service that was not in our original plan was obviously in God’s plan. We worshiped with the Haitians and it was amazing. When I sat down, two little guys snuggled up on each side of me and stayed there for the duration of the service. I would look down at them periodically and they were always smiling from ear to ear.

As I sat in that building observing the peeling paint under less than adequate lighting and sweating in the extreme heat, I couldn’t help from noticing how happy these people were (as well as myself) to be in the presence of our Lord. What a blessing it was for all of us to be able to worship in God’s House in Haiti.

-Steve Daniels

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