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Haiti Hustle helpers — THANK YOU!

Thank You….. We want to express our incredible thanks and gratitude to all who came to the Haiti Hustle 5k at Bedford High School on Saturday, August 27. Whether you ran, walked, volunteered, donated or did it all, we are amazingly blessed by you. As you may know, there is great need in Haiti. Things we simply take for granted – eye drops, reading glasses, doctor appointments, emergency room visits –  »  Read More

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Sharp Rocks At The Bottom

Our first trip to Haiti was a medical vision trip. I had never been to Haiti and I knew nothing about optometry. Dr. David Bejot was our lead optometrist. He had never been to Haiti either. In fact, this was his first mission trip. Dave is an adventurist and wanted to use his gift to help people in need. I barely knew Dave, but I appreciated his spirit. The optometry need was intense. Literally hundreds of people were waiting in line to see one of the two doctors. It was rather overwhelming  »  Read More

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Different Worlds, Right Next Door

People looking at me suspiciously till I say “bon jour”, then they get a big smile and return the gesture. I am a “blanc”. All of the children keep reminding me of this fact, as if I forgot. They touch my arms because they are somehow amazed that my arms have hair on them. When I hold the children they run their hands through my hair. I am the minority. They seem so full of joy, yet have so little. Hunger is no stranger to these people. I go there to help, but where do I  »  Read More

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